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You play a key role in making payments safe, simple and smart, and are a vital link to merchants, acquirers and Mastercard within the payment ecosystem.

To help you in your efforts, this dedicated site contains the information you need, including posts on new POS initiatives, technical materials and products/solutions that you can incorporate into your payment platforms.

2-Series BIN

BINs (Bank Identification Numbers), the first six digits of the card number, identify the issuing institution of the account and ensure that each transaction is routed correctly.

Mastercard BINs have historically begun with a “5”. We have received an additional range of 2-series numbers (range 222100-272099) to add to the 5-series now in use (range 510000-559999). The 2-series BINs operate within our systems in the same way as the 5-series do.

Ensure that you are 2-series BIN ready here.



Contactless payments were created because consumers want a faster and more secure seamless payment experience. Acquirers and merchants are responding by accepting Mastercard payments that require customers to simply tap their contactless-enabled card or device on a contactless-enabled reader.

For contactless payments to be accepted, terminals must be enabled. The acceptance ecosystem must also be able to process those transactions.

For more information on contactless, click below.

Learn how contactless is making payments easier and more secure here.


Fraud & Security

In an increasingly digital world where consumers shop using multiple devices across various channels, safety and security are a priority, especially at payment terminals. These are the most common points of account data compromise in card-present (“brick and mortar”) merchant environments.

Mastercard is committed to advancing the security and integrity of the payment ecosystem.

Learn more about our security solutions.


EMV Standard

EMV is a standard for globally interoperable, secure payments. The key element of EMV involves including dynamic data in every transaction. This makes chip transactions more secure and reduces the risk of counterfeit fraud.

When a consumer uses an EMV-enabled device to pay at a chip terminal, the transacting card and cardholder are authenticated, verified and the transaction is authorized. The cardholder can use a PIN (Personal Identification Number), sign or use biometric cardholder verification (e.g., fingerprint, facial recognition, etc.) to confirm that the device is theirs.

EMV powers both contact and contactless secure chip transactions. It is essential to reducing fraud by facilitating advanced authentication that incorporates unique information in each transaction, making it virtually impossible to replicate.

Learn more about EMV and how it reduces fraud here.


Safety and Security Products

Account Billing Updater

Account Billing Updater

Upgrade the user experience, retain customers and decrease card-not-present (CNP) transaction declines.

Learn more

Assurance IQ

Assurance IQ

Improve exchange of e-commerce data between issuers and merchants, and reduce false declines.

Learn more

Mastercard Fraud Dashboard

Mastercard Fraud Dashboard

Gain actionable insight into fraud risk management and enhance your strategies for merchant fraud risk and operational management.

Learn more

Expert Monitoring Services

Expert Monitoring Services

Detect and prevent online fraud, increase merchant online sales and improve customer satisfaction.

Learn more

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Registration and Certification Information

Protect your system, network and sensitive data by doing the following:

Terminal Servicer Registration Requirements

Each Terminal Service must be registered to:

  • Identify the Terminal Servicers that contract with each of their merchants.
  • Perform due diligence on all Terminal Servicers.
  • Ensure that Terminal Servicers that perform services with access to account or transaction data are PCI compliant.

Registration and Due Diligence Process

Complete Form 1278 and submit to the Global Registration team here.

Important Notes:

  • Access Form 1278 through your Acquirer.
  • No registration or annual renewal fees will be billed for Terminal Servicers.
  • Confirmation of registration will be sent to the customer.