A new era of payments and security

EMV technology at work

Today's tech-savvy consumers are quickly adapting to digital devices, turning them into powerful payment vehicles. At the same time, the safety and security of these transactions is paramount.

The EMV standard serves as the backbone for future payment technologies by enabling safer, smarter and more secure transactions across cards, contactless, mobile and remote payment channels. For 15 years, Mastercard has played a leading role in the creation, management and continued development of the EMV standard. We offer a unique set of EMV solutions to help issuers and merchants implement new payment solutions quickly.

What is the EMV standard?

EMV is a standard for globally interoperable, secure payments. The key element of EMV involves including dynamic digital data in every transaction. This makes these types of transactions extremely secure and reduces the risk of fraud.

When a consumer uses an EMV-enabled device to pay at an EMV terminal, it can be instantly identified as an authentic, approved payment belonging to that consumer through dynamic authentication. When used with a PIN (Personal Identification Number), the chip verifies that the consumer is indeed holding his or her own device.

How does EMV reduce fraud?

In the digital world, payment transactions are getting smarter. And at the heart of these smarter transactions is dynamic authentication, which incorporates unique information in each transaction making it virtually impossible to replicate.

The EMV standard has already been adopted by more than 80 countries where it has significantly reduced counterfeit card fraud, saving hundreds of millions of dollars. Our goal is to help reduce fraud in the United States too.

Order test chip cards

Mastercard is dedicated to making it easy to implement chip in the United States. As part of this effort, we are making dual interface (both contact and contactless) chip cards available for both testing terminals and for training purposes. The test cards offer the following:

  • Non-reloadable gift cards (no KYC - Know Your Customer)
  • Dual interface, M/Chip-4
  • Online PIN only
  • Includes U.S. Debit (Maestro) Common AID (Application Identifier)
  • No hologram, magstripe or signature panel
  • Non-refundable and no chargeback rights
  • No cross-border transactions and no ATM cash out
  • PIN is the last four digits of the card
Ordering online is easy:
  • Order via password-protected portal
  • Load limits - minimum $1, maximum $20 per card
  • Low 2% load fee
  • No individual transaction fees
  • Test cards will ship within 48 hours subject to inventory
  • For balance inquiry call 1-612-843-6244 (8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. CST)
Go to https://rccemv.mycardplace.com/corporateportal to order your cards. Please contact your Mastercard representative for login information. 
Merchant letter
We've also provided a letter that you can customize and send to your merchants with the details of the processes to be performed for your specific equipment.

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